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Evan Weiss | 07/26/14

You can try to use emergency waterproof sealants or even duct tape to keep shingles on your roof.

Cathleen Jones | 07/24/14

General contractors may also be roofing contractors who can fix your roof.

Emily Glasser | 07/23/14

You may want to have more than one roofing contractor give you estimates on fixing or replacing your roof.

Gayle Ecabert | 07/21/14

Commercial repairs on roofs can be costly if you don't take immediate action.

Gayle Hicks | 07/19/14

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis will make sure you don't have any major problems starting.

Dawn Chaky | 07/18/14

If you need an emergency roof repair, call on us.

Gayle Ecabert | 07/16/14

Be sure to call your insurance company if strong winds blow shingles off your roof.

Beth Adams | 07/16/14

Before you hire a roofing contractor, be sure to get a written estimate and check their state license.

Apryl Hobbs | 07/14/14

Be sure you ask for identification when a roofer shows up at your door. You need a roofing company that has 24/7 service in case of emergency.

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David Hawkins | 07/12/14

When you need roofing repair services, we are the company to call.

Alexander Grover | 07/12/14

Roofs sustain damage when you have high winds and rain.

Duffy Family | 07/10/14

Make sure your roofer gets all the proper permits for your job and cleans up after himself.

Diego Fajardo | 07/09/14

Be sure to get references from your roofing contractor before signing any contracts.

Elizabeth Boyd | 07/08/14

If you have snow sitting on your roof, it may seep through old shingles and cause bigger problems.

Donna Gary | 07/06/14

Make sure the roofer you choose can take care of all your roofing needs, not just replacing shingles.

Ann Gleason | 07/05/14

Any roofing company that charges for estimates is a company you should stay away from.

Ed Kilduff | 07/04/14

You might want to call the better business bureau to check out your roofing contractor.

Celeste Nabors | 07/02/14

Make sure your roofing contractor provides a written estimate of all the work that needs to be done.

Ettel Edshteyn | 07/02/14

If your roof shingles are in bad shape, don't wait too long to call a roofing expert. Hurricane force winds can ruin a roof, even it was newly installed.

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Geoff Edwards | 06/30/14

Be sure to ask how long it will take to replace your roof. Get a written roofing estimate of all the roofing work to be done.

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Elizabeth Campbell | 06/30/14

Tornados can do thousands of dollars in damage to your roof if it's not in good shape.

Beth Levinson | 06/28/14

Make sure the roofing company you use has its own employees.

Courtney Muller | 06/27/14

You can add a lot of diffused light in a room with a sunroof.

Deborah Erger | 06/26/14

You may be able to do some temporary patching on your roof, but leave the rest to professionals.

Aida Vega | 06/25/14

The best roofing contractor in town is the one who will check out your current roofing shingles and let you know what needs to be done. Hotels and motels call us to replace old roofing.

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Elizabeth Thompson | 06/24/14

If you are on the committee at your church, be sure someone inspects the roof on a regular basis.

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